What is EMDR?

Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy that uses eye movements to partner with the natural healing process of your brain. This natural process of healing is called Adaptive Information Processing.

When we have experiences that overload our ability to cope, these memories are frozen as fragments in our brains. These fragments, called isolated neural networks, are unable to be processed and keep the experience in the present. EMDR helps to lower the emotional intensity of these experiences and allows them to be reprocessed and integrated into the adaptive neural network, enabling the memory to move from the present to the past.

What is an EMDR Session like?

After identifying the target for therapy, I would normally sit across from you and ask you to follow my fingers left and right while you process beliefs associated with the identified target. This process of left and right stimulation is called bilateral stimulation and causes the brain to engage in the healing process. These eye movements do not cause hypnosis; you remain fully conscious and are able to stop the process at any time. The eye movements are facilitated for 10-30 seconds multiple times within a session, providing new insight and connections. The progress achieved is not only cognitive, behavioral, or emotional, it is also neurological. Thus, enabling therapy to have a greater impact in fewer sessions.

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EMDR is a mental health intervention; it should only be offered by properly trained and licensed mental health professionals.

Aaron successfully completed the training and supervision necessary to provide EMDR Therapy with EMDR Consulting, LLC, an organization approved by the EMDR International Association.


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