Couples' Counseling

Where is your relationship heading?

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship.

When you think of your relationship, you might feel lost or just stuck. Maybe you never feel heard or understood, small disagreements turn into large arguments, or relationships with your kids, extended family, and in-laws make it difficult to move forward in your relationship.


There is hope.

You don’t have to walk alone.

Together we will be able to identify the woundedness and negative beliefs that are contributing to your current experience. Whether you are preparing for marriage or looking to enrich your relationship, we will work together to help you gain insight, learn new skills, and move forward!

For help with:

Conflict Resolution


Family Dynamics

Preparing for Marriage


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My wife is not a licensed counselor and will not participate in the counseling sessions.


If you and your partner believe that good communication is important to the success of your relationship, you may be interested in learning more about COUPLE COMMUNICATION.